A guide to doing it yourself.

Easy Egg Pasta

This is a basic recipe for egg pasta. You can prepare the dough in a food processor, but it’s just not the same as by hand. At the end you have a machine to clean up – just too messy for me. Plus, the dough feels so great to the touch you’ll want to stick your (shut your mouth!!!….we’re talking ’bout pasta)!

2 c high quality all-purpose flour
3 large fresh eggs (beaten)

Let me start by saying this recipe is not perfect; judgement will have to be used. Depending on the size of the eggs and humidity in the air you may need to add more flour. Please just remember to go slow.

With that being said, away we go….

Start by making a well in the flour and pour the eggs in. Work the dough with your hands until evenly mixed (forms a ball). If the dough is sticky, continue to add flour in small measurements. Perfect consistency is when it has a slight tack, but does not stick to your fingers.

Divide the big ball into two balls (hee hee) and wrap tightly in plastic wrap. Toss them in the fridge for a half hour, up to 2 hours.

From here you can either roll the dough out and cut it by hand or run it through a pasta press. Either way you’ll need more flour.

Dry the noodles for 15 min or as long as 2 hours. Cook to your liking!

If you decide you want to store some or all of the noodles, I recommend freezing. Refrigerating makes them gummy. Dry the noodles for 15 minutes, then put them in a freezer bag and squeeze all the air out. Freeze for up to 1 month.


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